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Villa Kouru FAQ

Frequently asked questions

What language is commonly spoken in Bali?

The national language, Bahasa Indonesian, is spoken everywhere in Indonesia and is taught in the state-run schools. English is commonly spoken around commercial centres and tourist locations.

Where is Bali and what is the climate?

Bali lies 600 miles south of the equator, between Java and Lombok, in the middle of the 3,400 mile long Indonesian archipelago. Bali has a consistently warm year-round temperature, with an average temperature of 27.2º Celsius (81º Farenheit). The ‘rainy season’ runs from November to March (approximately) and often provides heavy rainfall typical of the tropics.

What is the currency?

The Indonesian Rupiah is the currency of Indonesia. The currency code for rupiahs is idr, and the currency symbol is RP. While exchange rates are obviously flexible, a rule of thumb is that AUS $1 = 10,000 RP; US $1 = 13,300 RP; €1 = 14,700 RP; and £1 STG = 20,500 RP. *

Do they take dollars or other currencies?

Indonesia is a trading country and the Balinese are renowned for welcoming all currencies. However, it is recommended to use local currency wherever possible. Exchange facilities are available at the airport and ATMs are readily available in Bali.

Do I need a Visa for Bali?

A visa on arrival is necessary for most nations and valid for a 30-day single entry. Day of arrival counts as day one. You can obtain your visa at the airport before immigration by joining the queue and paying the fee of US $35 per person. Ensure your passport is valid for at least six months and that there is space for the visa sticker! Visit your local travel agents to stay up to date with any Visa changes.

What should I pack?

In the famous words of Coco Chanel, ‘less is more’! Bali has a relaxed lifestyle, and an active night life. Shopping range from markets to exclusive Balinese-designed clothing and jewellery stores. Many people prefer to just pack a small amount and buy new clothes and other items once they arrive in Bali.

What is included in my stay at Villa Kouru?

Your stay includes the following complimentary services:

  • Welcome drink on arrival
  • Housekeeping service
  • WiFi
  • And much more

What is not included in my stay?

The following will be charged to your own personal account:

  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Personal laundry
  • Car and driver can be made available on request

Why does the manager need my passport?

In keeping with the Indonesian law, all guests of Villa Kouru need to be registered with the local police. The staff will do this for you and will require a copy of each guest’s passport (front inside pages with photo and passport details) and RP 25,000 (approx AUS $2.50 / US $1.90)* per person. Failing to do this will result in a penalty for the owner. Your passport will be returned safely within 24 hours.

Can we have meals at Villa Kouru?

Lunch and dinner can be prepared by our chef at an additional cost. We have chosen a selection of Indonesian and western dishes for our in-house menu, which we hope you will enjoy. As time is required to purchase fresh ingredients and prepare the meal, we request advising our in-house chef of your lunch and dinner requirements as early in the day as possible (or even one day prior to meals required).

What if I get sick?

A 24 hour GP is on standby for Villa Kouru in the case of an emergency. There are also several excellent western-managed hospitals on the island.

Will my belongings be safe?

All bedrooms are equipped with an electronic safety deposit box. Security guards are on site 24 hours per day. Fire extinguishers are present throughout Villa Kouru.

How much should I 'tip'?

The staff are secured 5% service charge on top of your accommodation rental. We do hope you enjoy the service provided by our committed staff and leave staff gratuities to your discretion. The normal level of ‘tipping’ is RP 50,000 per staff member, per day.

How much is Departure Tax as I leave?

The Departure Tax when leaving Bali is included in all international flight tickets.